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Survivor Stories


Every woman that walks through our door has a story all her own.

Each woman's journey is different and there is something we can learn from every survivor.  We hope you take a moment to read or listen to the words of these strong, beautiful women who are breast cancer survivors.

"Michelle's Place was instrumental in getting me through breast cancer, especially after losing my husband nine months before." 
Laura Lawrence
"Breast cancer has changed my life. It has made me appreciate life and not want to take things for granted."
Candice Nagel
"Going through the speed bump of cancer in my life, I gained an extended family through Michelle's Place. I am extremely grateful to you all."

Lisa Kinney

"Now it seems like years ago
when I was diagnosed.
Cancer no longer defines me.
I have moved on and feel lucky to be alive!"

Micaela Hollan

"I am now prepared to be able to serve others with greater understanding and compassion because of what I have experienced."

Ginger Koontz


"Be your own health advocate and
have any health concerns checked out. 
It could save your life!"

Shiloh Tkachyk-Milks


"Through my scars, I am reminded to celebrate my everyday and I thank God for giving me a second chance at life."
Teresa Moreno


I will play with my grandchildren someday!"
Jennifer Majmudar

"So last October while I was telling my older daughter about the lump, she urged me to get a mammogram, and I almost fluffed it off."

Jeanette Brown


"I needed to know that I was not alone
and that there was someone that has fought the same battle I was fighting at the time."

Christina Turner

have found that I can control my disposition and choose to be happy."
Nicole Brown


"I could not have walked this journey
without my husband, wonderful friends,
our church, my family
and Michelle's Place."

Robin Greene

"In January my son in law told me about Michelle’s Place. He went in and asked a lot of questions and was very impressed. I went in and met a wonderful woman who was a volunteer and I felt so blest to have met her. I went to a group meeting later at night."
Judy Luskleet


"Breast cancer changed my perspective on life. I see the world in a different way."

Liz Fonville

"I found that there are stages that we go through - disbelief, anger, sorrow among others.  It took time for me to be able to look at my scars and not feel the pain anymore. Recovery is a process."

Sarina Holborn


"The support from the staff and the ladies
in group encouraged me more than
I ever thought possible. The information
they share is, at times, more relevant
than that from the doctor's office,
by virtue of first hand experience."

Lorie McDaniel


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