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Healthy Steps Class

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Michelle's Place

Janet Johson
Certified Healthy Steps/Lebed Instructor

Healthy Steps classes
are FREE,
Mondays at 5:30pm
Wednesdays at 10:30am

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A program designed by Sherry Lebed Davis, professional dancer, and her two brothers who are both doctors, for their mother during her recovery from breast cancer. Sherry and the Lebed Method have been recognized in People magazine, Coping and her research data has been published in the Journal of the American Physical Therapy Association. She’s been on the Today Show as well as Good Morning America. The program has a 25-year track record and is practiced by thousands of breast cancer survivors and others suffering from chronic illness or medical conditions across the country and even in Australia and Europe. And now they are doing it here in Murrieta, too!!

There are a number of benefits from doing this program of gentle dance like movements done to music. Reduction of pain, increased range of motion increased energy, release from frozen shoulder, reduced depression, assistance in structural rebalancing, promotion of positive self image and joy, stimulation of the lymphatic (immune) system, reduction and or deterrence of lymphedema, weight stabilization, and a re-establishment of a sense of beauty and sexuality.

The series of movements that if done regularly will control lymphedema by getting the lymph system to move the lymphatic fluids and keep them freer. Everyone can benefit from good lymphatic movement as that is one of our waste systems that keeps us clean, healthy and feeling good! And for people who have experienced loss of lymph nodes due to surgery, this program is a wonderful way to keep away the swelling of lymphedema.

 “It’s helped me to get stronger and more able to get through this cancer journey.” says Sandra D. a participant in the class taught at Michelle’s Place. “I love to come every Wednesday. My energy comes up as well as my self-esteem. And I have so much FUN! I love to dance and I get to dance every Wednesday,” says Sandra. “And this is so important too, that we get to interact with others that are going through the same journey. We get to support each other and share experiences.”

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